Monday 10 September 2012


Karen had an interesting weekend and finished 6th overall.  Her dressage was back to 68.05 due to the new 'airs above the ground' executed by the leaders at the halts and rein back.  Perhaps they thought they were auditioning for the Spanish Riding School.  Rex got so accomplished at them that he continued them for most of the weekend!!  So much for working on marginal gains!  Maybe next year.

See for results.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

21-22 April Catton Club Horse Driving Trial

Karen will be taking the pony team to compete in the  Midlands Driving Trials Club event at Catton.  She is also going to take her young horse team H/C for the experience.  Her Dressage times are 11.10 for the pony team and 17.10 for the horse team.  Let's hope the weather improves and we will post the results early next week on the website.

Friday 13 April 2012

Diri and Delphi Retire

Karen has recently retired her two original grey funeral horses, Diri and Delphi (the wheelers in the photo). They have moved to a new home not far away and will spend their twilight years as gentle hacks, enjoying life in the slow lane. Ricsi and Viktor, a pair of Lipizzaners owned by friends, will now help out when required.

Saturday 31 March 2012


We have put some more horses on the website page and Egor is the latest.

Kittens Move

We're trying to get a photo of the kittens but their mum, now named Sooty, has gone camera shy and has moved them all to the rug room for some peace and quiet.  At least Rex can have his stable back.

Sunday 25 March 2012

Rex Made Homeless

Poor Rex has been made homeless. As he walked out of his stable a few days ago to go on excercise, a stray cat walked in and turned it into a maternity ward! Mother and kittens are being looked after by the staff and poor Rex has had to move into a spare stable. Will post photos of the intruders on the website when we can get a good look at them.

Saturday 3 March 2012

Vale View Dressage

Karen took the horses to Vale View Dressage Competition last weekend.  Blackie came 2nd in the Novice class and he, Rex and Wilaan all qualified for the second round of Trail Blazers.

Baby Matty competed for the first time indoors and took it all in his stride.  Karen was really pleased with him.

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