Wednesday, 5 October 2011

British Driving Society Show

Karen took the horse team to the British Driving Society Show at the weekend to take part in a demonstration. Although she was still struggling with her broken toe, she was thrilled with the way Blackie went. It was his first time indoors, his first experience of music and his first experience of close up, applauding crowds and he took it all in his stride. What a good boy!


This was another practice event for the horse team and although Blackie misbehaved in the dressage this time out, they all went brilliantly across country, despite the dreadful ground conditions.  It was a good job they did, because Blackie managed to tread on Karen's foot whilst being harnessed and although she didn't realise it at the time, he broke one of her toes!!  It meant she was struggling to brake the carriage and at one point it slid on a muddy slope and hit a post hard.  The poor groom whacked her ribs and was struggling for breath, but valiantly carried on.   Karen went for the time on the cones course and  although they had 2 cones down, she was still pleased with the way they went.  Well done everyone under the circumstances!
Now both teams can take a well earned break until next year.