Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Horse Drawn Funeral

A funeral is the time when we give someone who has died a final and parting tribute. We can express our feelings and respect for one who has passed away by giving them a touching and memorable service which all present will remember them by.

If you wish for a funeral to have some more significance and to be slightly more special, then having a horse drawn hearse at a funeral is an excellent way to give that touch of classic elegance. A horse drawn hearse is a traditional and dignified alternative to the more modern motorised hearses. Hiring one of these horse drawn carriages is a beautiful way to show your love for one who has passed away.

The traditional black horse drawn hearse is quite dramatic and eye-catching. To have a coffin carried in this way at a funeral gives someone a unique mark of respect. Drawn hearses are usually pulled by two, four, or six beautiful black horses, which are turned out in traditional harness, funeral drapes and ostrich feather plumes. The Coachman and groom will usually be wearing traditional Victorian livery.

If you wish the funeral to be different or less severe and sombre, there are white and silver horse drawn hearses available. Perhaps for a child’s funeral, these would be more appropriate than the traditional black hearses. The silver or white horse drawn hearses are really beautiful to look at, and are pulled by pairs or teams of white or dappled grey horses. The horses usually wear stunning white, or coloured ostrich feather plumes and white funeral drapes.

Horse drawn hearses are available for hire in the United Kingdom. A horse drawn funeral is a final show of affection for one who has died, and fitting for many funeral services under all kinds of circumstances.

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